Here at the IAM Universe, we often times like to take popular pop culture icons and references and mix with our own twisted IAM Universe spin on it. So in this scenario, we thought to ourselves, what would happen if we take the cult phenomenon of Super Mario Bros featuring Luigi and Mario but put them in the Hood. In the IAM Universe’s version of this Nintendo Classic, we have Mario played by character Petey Python and his brother Luigi played by character Willie B Hardigan. In our version, the Mario Bros In The Hood decide that instead of sitting idly by and waiting for Bowser aka King Koopa to take their Princess, Mario and Luigi plan to take an epic adventure to bring her back to safety. Our guys have decided that they will flip things around and take Bowser’s future wife, Bowsette.

Join us as we take you on this twisted version of a video game pop culture classic. Like always, as a reminder, there’s always millions of perspectives to any story but there is only 1 IAM Universe version of every story.

If you are viewing any of our mini-series and you like what you see, please drop us a comment and let us know what you like and if you feel creative and have any ideas or stories that you would like to see how they play out in the IAM UNIVERSE, always feel free to tell us your idea. Who knows…you too may soon be a part of the IAM Universe!


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