Reggie plays Titan Nassir and Mattie Apple Bottom plays Titan Kali. God of Annubis is using his Titan Kali to destroy, replenish the Earth and wipe out man-kind and God Horus is using his Titan Nassir to save man-kind.

This mini-series is an ode to the Japanime series ATtack on Titans which I’ve just became a fan of. Here at the IAM Universe thought it would be cool to make our our mini-parody series if Attack on Titans happened in the IAM Universe.

In the scenes below take place right when the ancient gods return. As they return, they unleashed the Titans who have been living inside of Earth for millions of years until man-kind was supposed to meet their apocolypse. Annubis being the god of the underworld has unleashed a very hungry Kali that only wants destruction and wipe the face of the Earth of man-kind. But Horus, being the sibling of Annubis, decided that man-kind should be saved so he brought his protector of the planet, Titan Nassir to stop Kali in her tracks.

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