In this scenario, as a company, the IAM Universe purchased it’s first marketing and logistics office. We thought it would be a good idea to pick 3 of our most eligible actors/characters to head up our new office. They were tasked with everything from the setup, to the design, to the day-to-day operations of our new southern facility.

Being that the women have been trusted with this responsibility, we also left the hiring up to them as well. This facility is just starting out so they only need to hire one male of their choice to help with all the heavy lifting and stocking of supplies and any other manual grunt work. Like always in the IAM Universe, we give all of our staffers, characters and actors the ability to utilize free will and to live and do whatever they see fit. In this scenario, it’s titled The Right Man For The Job which follows actress Peachy Creamy Cakes as the Office Manager, SB Thickems as Co-Manager and Paula Pinup as Executive Assistant. Even though the ladies had a heavy roster of characters that they could choose from, our most notable is Reggie Rock Hard and he said he wanted to pick up some extra hours. We sent him down to the location to see if he would be a good fit and have the ladies test him out.

After allowing the women their pick of the litter, we asked them to send us a recap of the day-to-day interactions and this is what they sent us…

Hope you enjoy their mini-journey on trying to find the right man for the job as much as they enjoyed looking for the right person!

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